Privacy Policy

What is considered personal information?

During the course of doing business with Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure, a guest may provide the following personal information:

  • Name (first and/or last)
  • Telephone Number (home, cell, business and/or fax)
  • Address (home and/or work or school)
  • Age or Birth Year
  • Credit Card Number with Expiration and CVV security code.
  • E-mail Address

Documents, online registrations, etc. containing the above information is considered “personal information” and will be handled and disposed of properly and securely.

What do we do with this information?

Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure does not sell, rent or share guest information with any other party. Collected information is used for the purpose of purchasing tickets, season passes, group events, food and merchandise, etc. at Koch Family Entertainment LLC’s Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure. We may use this personal information to send park information we feel may be of interest to the guest via US Mail, telephone, or e-mail.

Guests who wish not to receive any promotional mailings from Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure or Koch Family Entertainment LLC may opt out. To opt out, the guest may inform us via e-mail to, or in writing to Privacy, 5051 Prince Street, Bessemer, Al 35022.

How do we safeguard credit card and personal data?

Data security is very important to us and we protect all information we receive from our guests with the same care we treat our business information.

  • All credit card receipts reflect only the last 4 digits of the card number (including the merchant copy).
  • All credit card information is encrypted at the point of card swipe and securely transmitted to the credit card processor. No one at Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure can access your credit card information unless payment is refused, or the card account is subject to a fraud investigation.
  • Any form or paperwork that contains your personal information is disposed of by shredding once it is no longer required to service your request or account.
  • All systems in use at Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure meet or exceed the current PCI Credit Card Security standards.

How will Alabama Adventure staff protect the guests?

  • Team Members do not give personal information on a guest to anyone (other than the actual guest). For example: if a guest comes into Guest Services and asks for a telephone number or address of another guest, team members are not authorized to look up or convey that information.
  • Team Members do not write down or record any credit card information regarding a guest. Credit card numbers provided for phone orders are directly entered into the credit card terminal for payment.
  • Team Members do not handle guests’ credit cards. At point of sale station we have provided equipment so that each guest can swipe their own credit or debit card directly into the credit card encryption terminal.
  • Team Members will shred or destroy all paperwork containing personal information. For examples, paperwork from a phone order (which never include credit card information), will be shredded once the order has been processed.
  • Team Members turn in all lost and found items, including those that may include personal information, to Guest Relations. The team member is not authorized to use or copy any personal information on these lost items.
  • Team Members will never convey credit cards, driver’s license or other items with personal data to others without first obtaining the guest’s permission to turn over the items.

If you have specific questions about Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure’s privacy policies, please contact us at at any time. If you have questions about any of our amenities, attractions, pricing or event scheduling, please email any time!